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Marketing Solutions - Administartion Relationships with Clients (CRM)

Our marketing solution is realised to facilitate the relationships with your clients, without providing them the undesireble information.   It's a necessary solution for all they are interested to create, captivate and maintain an indirect contract with the clients, which will help to increase your website's traffic.

Insertion in the e-mail list is done via the web page.
It is a unidirectional announcements system from you to your customers.
It is built in such a manner that it cana handle large number of e-mail addresses.
If an error occurs during a transfer, the next transfer will start where it has been stopped, so no dupplicate e-mails will be sent to the customers.
Customers can subscribe to several lists.
If a message is sent to those lists, they will only receive one copy of the e-mail.


It is very easy to adapt the public pages of the system to your website. You can load a header and a footer for all the pages so that they comply to your requirements.


You can specify the information you wish to receive from users when they subscribe. When you send a message, you can use this information to select the users who need the message. For example, you can add geographical information. At registration time, the user can identify his/her geographical location and when you send an e-mail you can determine which locations need to receive the message.

Subscribing to Several Pages

You can build your own subscription pages. You can have different pages which allow users to subscribe to lists which they select according to predefined attributes.


You can use the attributes defined in the sent e-mails to personalize each e-mail for the user who receives it.
CRM supports HTML e-mails.

If a user desires HTML e-mails, he can receive them in this manner. If this mode is unknown, the system sends text e-mails.

List managers

A superuser can assign lists to list managers, which can control their lists and users. The superuser can set up messages which can be chosen by the list managers and sent to any list they control.

Basic Import and Export

Use tab delimited files to import the existing user list or to export users in the CRM system in order to use them in your data base.

Personal Details

Each e-mail a user receives contains a personalized URL used to update his/her preferences. This way, users can update their information and your data base will always be up to date. Unlike in most e-mail list manager systems, the users can change their e-mail address when updating personal information. This is a great advantage for you and for the users, because many users change their e-mail addresses frequently and this feature guarantees that you will not loose them.


You can add attachments to your messages. They will be included in the HTML e-mails. Users who receive text e-mails will find a URL in their message which specifies where the attachment can be downloaded from.

Batch processing

In order to facilitate shared hosting environments, you can specify the maximum number of e-mails that can be sent in a given period of time. This configuration can be overriden by ISPs, who can set this at server level in order to be applied to any CRM that is installed on that machine.

Friendly ISP

Aside from ISP imposed batch processing limitations, there is another method to suspend sending at rush hours.
Sending on assigned command only. You can create a message which the system will send only on a specified date.


A message can be automatically repeated. This can be usefull when the message has filesystem attachments, which are updated at sending time.

User management

You can use some provided tools for large user data bases. The users can be reminded to confirm their registration, so invalid e-mails will be easy to find and replace automatically at any time.

Automatic PDF file creation

To ensure that the users are able to read the message regardless of the e-mail client, the message can be automatically converted to PDF format and attached to the e-mail.

Loading content from RSS

CRM can be set to read a large range of RSS sources and send the content to the user. The user can set the receiving frequency.
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