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LanceLicensing is a 100% pure Java application used to generate license keys. It runs on any machine with a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed and uses strong encryption and CRC mechanisms to make sure that the generated license cannot be spoofed and that no one can fake the license to avoid the specified licensing policies.

To make use of the "LanceLicensing" component, you first need to generate a license key using the "LanceLicensing" user interface. Our license key generator will generate a license file (.llic) that you will distribute along with your application. One such license key contains (in a strong encrypted manner) information like: expiration date, application available feature list and its own signature (used to avoid license key spoofing). Each time your application is used, the license key is updated with the last usage date. This information is then used when verifying the license. On the other hand, your client application needs to embed our component's code library and use its features through one single interface the component provides: LicensingManager.


The main window of the graphic user interface is displayed below. The required fields have red labels with a preceding „*”. The optional fields as well as the correctly completed required ones have blue labels. Inserting text in the data fields triggers the change of color for the corresponding label. If an incorrect text has been entered in a field, the corresponding label will change color to orange.

LanceLicesing - Main window

There are several types of text allowed for the various data fields:
  1. names (i.e. a sequence of characters, ' ', '.' and '-') for the Last name, First name, Function, Company name, City, and County fields;
  2. phone numbers (i.e. one of the following patterns: "(<digits>) <digits>" or "<digits> - <digits>" or "<digits>", where <digits> represents a sequence of digits) for the Phone and Fax fields;
  3. e-mail for the E-mail field;
  4. fiscal code (i.e. "<digits>" or "R<digits>", where <digits> represents a sequence of digits) for the fiscal code field;
  5. any input, for all the other fields.
If you try to gnerate the license while some mandatory fields are still uncompleted or contain incorrect text, an error message will pop up, like the one in the next image.

LanceLicesing - Error message

Choosing the application to apply the license on and the path for the license file can be done in various ways. You can access these functions from the menu under Run or you can click directly on the corresponding field or label. For example, clicking on the Application field will yield a file dialog window as depicted in the next figure. You can select your application in this dialog.

LanceLicesing - Application path

The period of time for which the license will be valid can be set to 15 days or to several years. By choosing the More than 15 days option at the bottom of the screen, the years combo box becomes active and you can chose the desired number of years in it.

After completeng all the fields and choosing the license validity period, you can generate the license by choosing the Generate license option in the Run menu. The license will be generated and saved in the file specified in the License path field.

LanceLicesing - Menu

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