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Company overview

Lance Software is a world software provider for companies from everywhere. Our company is specialized in developing a large software spectrum for Internet, Intranet using client-server, three tier, n-tier architecture applications for Windows and Unix, using JAVA as the main development language. Companies from Germany, Canada have chosen us as their business partner.
You can benefit without regrets from a business relationship with our company, if you are a software company that intends to reduce the development price by outsourcing. Or if you are a company that wants to reduce the prices and to customize your software, or if you are a software vendor that wants to translate, adapt your software solutions to market needs, you can choose us as business partner.

Our forte factors that intend to determinate you to choose us as your business partner are:
  • price reduction
  • service quality
  • quality of communication
  • the best qualified personnel

  • Cost reduction
          Financially speaking is the brightest decision to choose Lance Software as business partner because we provide software at a half price in comparison with other software providers.

    Service quality
          In order to provide software without bugs, which is mission critical for us, we test the developed software as much as possible and supply automation tests.

    Quality of communication
          We understand that communication between client and team software developers must be very good. In offshore relations, the quality of the communication is a key for success. Our development team has good English language skill, and we are working to improve the quality of the communication.

    The best qualified personnel
          Lance Software have the best qualified peoples that understand that in the customer, employer, and employee triad if the customer is satisfied, all other triad elements are satisfied.

    If you intend to choose a good outsource company, you will not regret if you put Lance Software on your short list.
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