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LanceAuction is a web application designed for real time auctions for wholesalers, dealers and ordinary end user.


* connection to a remote SQL database using the a JDBC driver.
* 3-tier application design (MVC design pattern) as, one tier according to business logic and presentation contained into web-server and the second tier according to database provided by a database server.
* business-logic implemented 100% pure Java.
* a presentation implemented 100% Applets/JSP/Javascript, with Java or Plugins in the browser.
* connection security using web server built in SSL direct support.

Platforms & Requirements

* Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP
* various Linux (RedHat, Suse, Mandrake)
* Solaris
* You need MS Internet Explore or Netscape Navigator to access our LanceAuction

How it will be use

Enter the following Internet address into your address toolbar:
The login screen will appear.
You can log as:
a) User (your e-mail address), password "private" (is an ordinary end user) has the rights to buy from dealers and private clients and to sell only to the private clients
b) User (your e-mail address), password "dealer" (is only a dealer) has the rights to buy from wholesalers and dealers and to sell to other dealers and to private clients.
c) User (your e-mail address), password "wholesaler" (is only a wholesaler) has the rights to sell to other wholesaler or to dealers.

LanceAuction private client interface

Figure1 show a snapshot of the LanceAuction private client interface


LanceAuction dealer buy interface

Figure2 show a snapshot of the LanceAuction dealer buyer interface


LanceAuction dealer sell interface

Figure3 show a snapshot of the LanceAuction dealer seller interface


LanceAuction wholesaler interface

Figure4 show a snapshot of the LanceAuction wholesaler interface

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